Why 35 m2 house and not a flat?


This question is as old as the day someone built the first apartment house.

There are a number of advantages to a flat, of course.

There is a large number of apartments on the market, so you don’t need to worry about getting one built.

The management company takes care of the maintenance – no need to bother yourself with cleaning or painting the building, rubbish collection or servicing the elevator. All this is taken care of by ‘someone’ from the management company.

You can get a flat right in the city centre. Regardless of the floor number, you can easily make a trip to a theatre nearby, walk to work, get kids to school on time, get to a local grocery store and there is always a friend or two around for a cheeky visit to a pub at a minute’s notice.

Having a flat ‘in the middle’ of an apartment block also lets you save a tonne on heating in the winter.

No need to buy (often expensive) land and build everything from scratch.

However, come Friday afternoon… You will have spent all week working in the city and you just want to get away. Get away to a forest or park. Get some peace and quiet; get fresh air. Maybe even spot a deer or two. Maybe plant your own tree to harvest fruit from your own garden. Watch how the grass grows and turns into that beautiful, crispy green colour in spring. Instead of going to a local scruffy pub with a below average kitchen, eat a delicious steak from your own BBQ. Sounds dreamy, eh?

So, who wants to build their own house?


You can paint your house any colour you want.

Having a house means it’s yours and you are proud of it. Whereas in an apartment block unfortunately, what’s communal belongs to nobody and no one takes care of it.

A house can cost less than a flat. Particularly a Mipikon house.

Nobody’s bathroom will cause you water damage, and yours won’t damage anyone else’s either.

In a house you are no longer within a reach of your neighbour’s loud snoring.

You can keep any pet you like in a house (although we do recommend against elephants, lions and honey badgers).

Hooligans won’t (or are very unlikely to) put graffiti all over your house, while they do so on apartment blocks or terraced houses.

You can create your own secret garden.

The fruit from your own tree just tastes better, fact.

You kids can have their own safe playground.

There is plenty of space for hanging the washing – finally!

Neighbours’ rubbish doesn’t get dragged all over the block.

If you don’t want to, no one smokes in and around your house.

If you want to, you can take a smoke not leaving your house.

You don’t have to carry the shopping bags up the n-th floor, because the elevator is broken again (if there was one to start off with anyway).

You have your own fireplace and you can enjoy the evening with a glass of wine while listening to the cosy sound of burning logs.

You can party as much as you like.

You can relax as much as you like – no need to argue with your partner or housemate whose turn it is now to go complain at the neighbours for having another of their late night parties.

No need to fight for a parking lot.

You can enjoy your breakfast on the terrace, in the shade of a beautiful tree…

Nobody will have a go at you if you build a swimming pool.

You can have a fight with your husband, because nobody can hear it. You can even throw a plate or two to strengthen your argument (which we advise against – communication is key )

Instead of paying maintenance, service and all other fees, you can be putting this money towards repaying your mortgage and having your own place on Earth.

We hope we convinced you that having a house is definitely worth it. If you are still unsure, get in touch, we love to have a good debate


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