• No building permissions required
  • 30 year warranty
  • The house is cosy, durable and biological corrosion-proof
  • Up to four people can live in here comfortably
  • 5 functional spaces, over 370 square feet (35 m2)


At the beginning of the 20th century, Ford created an assembly line production which made him the first maker of cars for everyday people and not just the rich. 

In Mipikon we create economical houses for unusual people. For you.

Module 35m2 houses for self-construction.


Mipikon to niezwykle proste i logiczne rozwiązania. Intuicyjna anty-instrukcja. To przygoda, która nie ma prawa się nie udać!


Mipikon is extremely simple and logical solutions. Intuitive anti-instruction. This is an adventure with no chance of fail!

Traditional house building is difficult and time-consuming …’

Builders are unreliable…’

We are fed up with all those “specialists”….’

It cost us a fortune and it’s not even finished…’

Sounds familiar?

We think so too. That’s why we have an offer for you:


  • You can assemble the whole house by yourself, i.e.: DIY & all the satisfaction that comes with it
  • You don’t need building permissions, i.e.: no unexpected administrative hurdles
  • It’s made of wood, i.e.: it’s organic
  • It has a classical-modern design, i.e.: a timeless look
  • The system is similar to Canadian wood-frame contraction system, i.e.: proven quality for extra piece of mind
  • Individual construction pieces weigh no more than 25 pounds (11kg), i.e.: no heavy-machinery needed
  • Pieces are cut to measure, numbered and ready for assembly, while each assembly step is described in detail, i.e.: no hidden complexity leading to delays, easy-peasy!
  • Depending on what insulation thickness you select, the house can be for seasonal or all-year-round use, i.e.: the house’s specification is completely your choice 

Here are a few sample visualisations. It’s to die for, isn’t it?



1.View from the mezzanine

2. View from main landing to the kitchen

View from main space to the kitchen

3. The kitchen

The kitchen

4. The living-room, view to the hall, the mezzanine and door to the bathroom

The living-room, view to the hall, the mezzanine and door to the bathroom


What the hell is this company you ask? Mipikon?!

The Mipikon company is new and innovative and what’s more, it is the trend-setter for the most visionary houses on modern real estate market. The firm is located in Kalisz (Poland, Greater Poland) and is a source of happiness and wellbeing for the local community. And for the whole world for that matter

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